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"We appreciated how we could scale provider workflows with the platform... The Talkdesk contact center platform is valuable because it allows us to scale our ability to talk to patients. As we look to remove a burden from providers, we want to ensure that patient interactions aren’t a burden for us, either. With Talkdesk, we can leverage automation to scale our team nonlinearly."

Christopher Young Head of Product at Force Therapeutics

"Talkdesk helps us reach out to patients who might not be logging in as frequently. We can see if they have questions or need help, which is a crucial part of our customer experience.

Talkdesk has impacted most of what we monitor in digital care. We measure our patient net promoter score (NPS), a loyalty metric… which is important in the shift towards consumerism in healthcare. The industry average for healthcare software is 32, and our patient NPS last month was 62. Talkdesk helps us get folks engaged early in the process and obtain more data, which we use to improve their experience and ultimately, drive higher NPS. Talkdesk has become a critical part of how we connect to patients."

Christopher Young Head of Product at Force Therapeutics

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